Eternal Lights

“Mr. Klass feels strongly that the Ner Tamid needs to be a powerful presence because it symbolizes the light of God’s eternal presence. While this light is a symbol of the Divine, it is also a symbol of the community and communal responsibility. Working with your community and/or committee, together we can bring the inspiring light of God and his goodness into your sanctuary.”

“Our designs represent the flame—at times leaping, dancing, ascending to the heavens—and at other times signifying a steady fire. Some of our works are fashioned with rays surrounding the flame to represent the outward emanating light. Other designs cradle the light within glass or shining, reflective metals. Mr. Klass chooses brass, nickel silver, cast glass, or a combination of these for his materials.”

Young Israel of Woodmere, Woodmere, NY
Welded brass and copper, 18”h x 14”w
Currently available, New York City
Welded bronze & cast glass, 23"h x 26"w
Beth Sholom, Teaneck, NJ
Welded bronze & cast glass, 23"h x 26"w
Seraphim Eternal Light, New York City
Brass and glass, 24”h
Sinai Reform Temple, Massapequa, NY
Brass and glass, 16”h x 16”w
Temple Sinai, Denver, CO
Brass and cast glass, 14”h x 18”w
North Shore Hebrew Academy, Great Neck, NY
Brass and glass, 18”h x 14”w
Santa Clara Synagogue, Santa Clara, Cuba
Brass and glass, 16”h
Shin Design
Welded brass on copper, 24”