About Judaic Artist David Klass

Judaic Artist - David KlassDavid Klass studied art and architecture at Pratt Institute. Upon graduation he apprenticed with the noted American artist, Theodore Roszak, assisting in the fabrication and installation of public art works for the city of New York. Subsequently, the Judaic artist founded his own studio and began designing pieces for the home, synagogue, and other institutions of Jewish identity.

Mr. Klass seeks to contribute to the continuity of Jewish history and to enhance the experience of Jewish spiritual thought and tradition through his artistic vision, his knowledge of design, and his expert craftsmanship. For the past 35 years, he has created many tree of life designs, custom-made menorahs, eternal lightsarks and ark doorsmemorialsdonor walls, and ritual objects.

Mr. Klass has worked with numerous congregations and committees, as well as collective and individual patrons.  He is known for facilitating communication so that his clients are happy with both the process and the final outcome.  Additionally, his projects are consistently delivered on time and within budget.

While Mr. Klass is known for his original compositions, he can, if you prefer, interpret the sketches of your architect or designer. Contact us to discuss your project.

In addition to his synagogue art, Mr. Klass is also well known for his figurative sculpture and is a member of the National Sculpture Society.

His work can be seen on the following links:


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