One of the most enduring icons of the Jewish faith, the menorah represents a powerful symbol for the Jewish people and the entire world. Our menorahs can be traditional or contemporary, candle-lit or electrified, free-standing or wall-mounted, and designed either for interior or exterior use depending, upon your congregation’s needs. We use satin-finished brass and bronze or brass-coated copper to create a richly textured surface, reflecting the warmth and brightness of the menorah’s ancient biblical and symbolic meaning.

Almond Tree Menorah, Collection of the artist, Available
Welded brass, 53"h
Congregation Aish Kodesh, Woodmere, NY
Welded brass on copper, 72”h x 40”w
Temple Beth Rishon, Wyckoff, NJ
Cast bronze, 96”h x 67”w
Congregation Beth Yam, Hilton Head, SC
Welded bronze, 6’h
Wall Mounted Menorah: Beth Haverim, Mahwah, NJ
Welded bronze, 5'h x 3'w
Chanukah Menorah, private collection
Welded brass & bronze, 39"h x 27"w
Table Menorah, Brooklyn, NY
Welded brass, 15”h x 20”w
Young Israel of Woodmere, Woodmere, NY
Welded brass on copper, 10'-6"h
Young Israel of Woodmere, Woodmere, NY
Welded brass on copper, 45”h x 48”w
Exterior Menorah: Young Israel Shomrei, Silverspring, MD
Welded brass on copper, 54’H X 72’w
Outdoor Menorah: Congregation Or Atid, Wayland, MA
Welded brass on copper 6' h
Shin Menorah
Welded brass, 24”h x 30”w